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Home > Industry Information > Cotton slippers are the best base for bacteria to wear only one winter.

Cotton slippers are the best base for bacteria to wear only one winter.


Cotton Slippers are a must-have for winter, and they are often overlooked when they bring warmth to people. The examination of the slippers of 10 families in the laboratory of the First Hospital of Jilin University showed that there were more than 200 bacterial colonies on the four family slippers. Nearly half of the people are too lazy to brush their slippers, and even two adults only wash once every six months. Especially in the winter, many people put the cotton ash on the ash, but they do not know that this will make the slippers become "bacterial base camp."

Most of the slippers are harmful bacteria and one of the main ways to spread the disease. Song Guangsheng, director of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, told the reporter: "Many people think that slippers are worn at home, and it is absolutely wrong to get dirty. It is absolutely wrong to take the most common cotton slippers. When it grows, it is easy to sweat. If it is not cleaned frequently, the warm, dark and damp shoes become the 'base camp' for bacteria breeding and breeding, which may cause foot odor, athlete's foot, etc., and spread among family members."

After the winter, cotton and wool slippers should be cleaned before storage. When cleaning, pay attention to the washing instructions on the slippers. Wash them with warm water or wash them by hand. After thorough cleaning, then sunbathe. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill many germs. Finally, use air-tight packaging bags. Try not to use them. Plastic bag. In addition, if you can't do thorough cleaning, it is best not to let the slippers "overdue service", basically it should be replaced in one winter.

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